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12th year anniversary
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Amitayus Trekking welcomes you to Nepal in the heart of the Himalayas.

Nepal, with its meandering trails places that will open your eyes and soul.

Nepal, with its stern mountain faces carved with ancient villages.

Nepal, with its deep blue sky, angry glare of the sun, roaring glacial rivers, soft white snow and steely exposed crags all contrasting each other, each vying to outdo the other in the attracting your imagination.

On Amitayus Trekking

The name Amitayus is derived from one of the reincarnations of Lord Buddha-the enlightened one. There are five Dhyani Buddhas, who are reincarnated from the Lord Buddha, Lord Amitayus is reincarnated from one of the five Dhyani Buddhas. In the first few centuries after Buddha's death he was never pictures-at most he was represented by a pair of footprints. Today we invite you to leave your own footprints in this trekker's paradise.

We specialize in trekking having successfully served over 12 years. We organize treks for groups large and small, as well as individuals. Every trekking expedition is lead by Sherpa guides and natives who know their terrain well. We prepare itineraries based on past requests as well as your own unique requirements based on your budget, availability and personal preferences. There are no predetermined routes and schedules – we offer various routes and schedules, and we assist you in selecting the route which best suits your interests.This starts from the selection process. We choose the right people with the right attitude. They are then trained on all aspects of trekking including interacting with guests, taking preventive measures throughout the trek, and emergencies procedures. Our guides are equipped with the knowledge and skills to work independently.Our guides are all fluent in English and will introduce you to the different landscapes, ensure your security and arrange the logistics so that you can focus on enjoying every moment of your trek; realizing that porters are the most affected during treks, the load they carry is limited to a maximum of 24 kg per person – 12 kg of guest baggage and 12 kg of camping gear, and we provide them with the proper attire for the trip including a warm jacket, gloves, shoes etc.Our team of porters will take care of the heavy duty work while you trek at your own comfortable pace and enjoy the scenery; our skilled cooks prepare fine meals from local produce using their own utensils. Most of all, we will ensure that you get to experience bits of the local culture as you trek along the pathways of the majestic Himalayas.

You will be relieved to know that the majority of the money you spend goes back into the hands of the people in the hills of Nepal – to the villagers who provide food and run the inns, to the porters and their families who help you along the way, and to others who most need it …

Our Beliefs

We believe in our team as they are the ones that will be by your side during your breathtaking adventure.

We firmly believe in providing the best possible service to guests that have flown from a thousand miles away and entrusted us to help them explore our beautiful country. More than anything we make sure that our guests are safe, comfortable and enjoy every moment during their journey. Our slogan is not that we are the best, but we will make sure that your journey will be the very best filled with memories you can take back. This is the biggest reward we seek and the images of our beautiful country and the people they portray are the goals we strive for. We are the ambassadors and representatives of our country, and we believe that our endless efforts will spread the message of adventure, natural beauty and hospitality of our region.

On Robin Chamlin

Amitayus Trekking is captained by Robin Chamlin who has been working in the hospitality business for three decades. Robin started his career working in the hotel industry in 1989, and has successively held department head positions in 5 star properties in Kathmandu.

Not wanting to be confined within the walls of a hotel, Robin very successfully translated his ten years of hospitality skills to the trekking industry. As an operations manager at a trekking company, he had overall responsibility of looking after all the guests’ needs, handling correspondence with travel agencies, booking hotels, arranging land/ flight schedules, managing the entire logistics of trek and camp, and interaction with clients. The next eight years were spent in organizing tours and treks for clients both individuals and groups. However, as the trekking company grew, Robin found that his administrative responsibilities were taking him away from the guests something he sorely missed. He felt the need for a small company, with a team of dedicated employees, committed to giving a more personalized service. This need is what gave birth to Amitayus Trekking in 2006.

Robin prefers to listen carefully to clients in order to meet their needs, and to always remain calm and friendly, being flexible, willing to explore new destinations for and with clients, constructing tailor made programs and transparency. He is supported by a dedicated, well trained, highly informed and highly motivated team to implement his vision of providing the best possible service to all our guests.

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